Viewing suggestions:

Use headphones and/or be in an environment where you can be undistracted

Click on the full screen option on the video for full effect

Place your hands on your belly and feel the movement of your breath

Sometimes, soften your lips and exhale through your mouth - either silently or with sound

Above all, release any pressure on yourself, rest easily and enjoy these pauses

For more breathing and contemplative activities, go HERE

7 Days of Beauty - An Online Sanctuary

During turbulent times, within or without, we all need moments of respite and ease. The beauty of nature surrounds us - and can nourish us - if we take a few minutes to stop, breathe and pay attention.


These videos of music and images are drawn from thousands of photographs taken of land, sea and sky in California over the past decade. Click on each day below for a 5 minute pause to bring nature to you, wherever you are.


Day 1
Music: HARC - Ruth Cunningham and Ana Hernandez

Day 2
Music: Alex Theory


Day 3
Music: Agu


Day 4
Music: Jim Cole and Alpha Wave Movement


Day 5
Music: Stevin McNamara


Day 6
Music: Jim Cole and Spectral Voices


Day 7
Music: Bill Polits